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I bought minutes and received no minutes, no response.

If I would've known that this "business" shut its doors and offered no service or support after 6 p.m. or on weekends, I would have been able to recognize right off the bat that they were not professional and are a two-bit operation who are not serious about providing me with service.

I paid them, they took my money, but didn't provide the cell phone minutes (RTR) that I bought from them. I could not reach them at their phone number and they didn't have voice mail.

I went back to their website and followed all instructions on how to retrieve my minutes. I contacted them by email 3 times, requesting a pin number so I could retrieve my minutes. NO response. Their site specifically states that if customers do not receive a pin number, they are to email support and a pin will be sent to them immediately. Still, no response after two more emails.

It's been 32 hours since I bought my minutes and I've received NOTHING. NO minutes, no contact from this vendor and no apology.

It seems they will gleefully take your money, but ignore any requests for what you've purchased.

BEWARE of this outfit. It seems that I've been ripped off. Just wondering how many more people have been taken by this one?

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I didn't receive my minutes either. I sent an email no response. They have my money but no minutes and I'M PISSED.

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